Once you have connected to an email provider and set up a newsletter you can create an email newsletter in Audience.

I've kept Audience's editor really simple for the moment, I wanted to keep it out of the way and let you write.

Audience comes with a blank template, so you can just start typing.

The Audience Editor

Once you start typing, you can highlight any text and get our inline editor. Which lets you do some basic styling to the text.

It will only be this basic for a while, I have plans to add more functionality in here and some of that I'll reveal in the next few posts so stay tuned.

Send Preview

Our editor has a built-in preview tool, so at any stage you can send yourself a preview of the email to see how it will look

Save As Draft

It does what it says on the button, saves the newsletter as a draft so you can come back to it at any time.

Schedule Email

Schedule the email when you are ready. Set it to send when you want.

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