This post is a quick introduction to Audience, what I'm building with audience and some of the core ideas behind the product.

What is Audience

Audience is an email marketing platform that uses your own email provider to send your newsletters.

Why Another Email Marketing tool?

There are already a lot of email marketing tools out there, and some of them are really good. If you are using one of those and are happy with it then that's great! Audience maybe isn't right for you just yet, but keep reading you might find something interesting.

So what makes Audience different.

Use your own Email Provider

This is probably the first big difference to a lot of other tools out there, Audience lets you plug onto your own email provider. Currently we support Mailgun, AWS SES and Sendgrid. SMTP support will be coming along soon.

Cost and those nasty surprises

One thing that has always struck me is the how easy it is to get hit hard by those costs of running an email list. The free plans can be very generous but the pressure is always there to monetise your audience.

And with some of them it's very steep going from free to paid. I want to change that with Audience.

  • Audience doesn't count an unsubscribed user
  • No Limits on the number of emails you send.
  • Simple and clear pricing plans.
  • Plus we have an unlimited subscriber plan

Audience won't have a free plan at first, it's not something I am planning to add at the moment if I'm honest but that doesn't mean it won't ever come it's just not on my plans right now.

Different Newsletters

I have different things I'm doing, my blog and my photography and then there are the projects I'm building.

I want a way to make newsletters for those things and manage them from 1 place instead of having to log into different accounts.

I also want to create different types of newsletters. For example with my photography I would love to create a free newsletter to just send out some of my latest photos. But I would also like to create a premium newsletter that I could make some money from and send some exclusive photos and tutorials maybe even create some email based courses.

Thank you for reading, over the next few weeks I'll start to create more posts, introducing you to different parts of Audience and what the plan is going forward. What's on the roadmap and what new features will be coming.

I am still working some issues out with this blog so let me know if you see any issues or have any suggestions @startaudience

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