The Audience Manifesto

The problem with most email marketing software is they target people who have massive lists that want to squeeze any possible revenue out of them using automation, drip campaigns, funneling and other stuff.

This is great for them, but what about the rest of us?

What about those of us who want to allow their audiences to keep in the know of what they're doing? The pricing model of these services base on number of subscribers and for us little people, that could end up costing us more than it's worth.

That's where Audience comes into play. Audience is aimed at providing 90% of the features to the 10% of the users who can't fathom paying $299/mo for a list of subscribers just to tell them about your latest blog post, or cool links you found on the internet.

Along with that, Audience also aims at being a privacy first, ethical service provider. With that we do not support click or open tracking aka "spy pixels". We also enforce double opt-in subscriptions, and provide easy to opt-out links for your subscribers.

Our goal is to be a platform for not only creators, but for audiences to enjoy the newsletters they subscribe to. To know that they won't be spammed or treated unethically. We care about the protection of yours and your users data.

Josh Manders, founder of Audience.

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