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Newsletter Signup Forms

Use forms to capture signups to your newsletter. Audience will help you generate a form or give you the details you need to use your own forms.

Audience Confirm Subscription

Confirm Subscriber

Audience handles your opt in, verification, confirmation. When a subscriber signs up they get an automated email asking them to confirm the subscription. This email is sent from your email provider and you can customise the email so they know it's you, add your logo, brand the button and you can use it to introduce yourself.

Create Amazing Newsletters

With our newsletter creator we make it easy to craft a newsletter to drop into a subscribers inbox. You can add Images, links and more.

Audience Create newsletters
Audience Preview your newsletter

Preview Newsletters

Audience will send you a preview of the newsletter you have just scheduled. Letting you make sure everything is ok and all the links work.

Manage Subscribers

With Audience you can manage your subscribers, edit and move them to different lists. See who has verified or unsubscribed.

Audience Manage Subscribers
Audience Webhooks


We only support Mailgun at the moment for webhooks. Webhooks allow you to get feedback from your email provider if an email bounces, delivers, etc. We can store that information against a subscriber for you.