As a creator I know the value of building, growing and talking to your audience. It can give you a huge advantage as you make and build things, sharing your work, your updates, blog posts with an audience that trusts you and supports what your doing.


The first part of Audience is all about creating and sending newsletters. Sending newsletters is a great way to share different updates, your latest Blog post, etc.

Your Own Email Provider

Audience doesn't send the emails for you (yet) Instead we use your email provider.

For a lot of us makers, indie hackers or creators, We are already using an email provider with our systems or projects we're building, Audience works with your current email provider. This means we never charge you for the number of Emails you send and your emails are then sending over the email settings you have already set up.

Your Audience

Mailing Lists

Building a mailing list is a great way to grow an audience. It gets you a front row ticket to your readers. It's not determined by some algorithm that changes every other week.

What Next

This is just the start, this won't have all the features of other apps and if your looking for an email marketing tool Audience probably isn't a good fit right now. The focus of audience at the moment is all about creating newsletters. Some ideas I have in store could be really interesting.


I have a default form style at the moment, but I've a few designs like the 1 I'm using here for the waitlist. My idea is to make a few different templates and styles all having the CSS inline and you can just copy and paste them where you want them.

Draft Newsletters

Creating a draft newsletter every time you post a new blog post. This would appear in the drafts section and allow you to craft the rest of the newsletter and send it out.

Welcome Emails

Welcome emails, when someone subscribes send them some of your favourite newsletters.


Verification webhooks, Audience does a double opt in so a user verifies their email address. The idea with this webhook is that it can call back to your own app and verify the user.


Automations are a huge part of email marketing. It's quickly become a corner stone for email marketing tools that they have to have automations. So yes Audience will have automations. I have a few ideas that I'm really looking forward to exploring and bringing to life.

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